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More Than Conquerors

Jun 26, 2019

I talk with Parrish about his time in the American Basketball Association, how he's leveraging his platform as a professional athlete to build his personal brand and why he believes that Entrepreneurship and personal brands are changing the sports media landscape. 

Jun 19, 2019

Andrew Kaplin is a professional copywriter, author and consultant, Andrew talks about the importance of telling a story––no matter how "boring" your business may seem.

Andrew talks about his story of failure and how it inspired him to help businesses tell better stories.

We talk about marketing and human psychology...

Jun 12, 2019

My guest today is Jordan Mueller. He's breaking into the Nashville by leveraging his personal brand on social media.

Jordan's latest music video has gotten over 100,000 views (at the time of this recording). He's doubling down on Instagram and is KILLING the game.

We talk about the strategies he's using and his advice...

Jun 5, 2019

In this Episode, I break down my marketing strategy, "platform marketing," for this podcast and for my personal brand going forward. Why the best personal brands are centered around what people like, not what they do, and why getting started today could be the best investment you can make for your business in the next...

May 28, 2019

JT Tapias grew up in the Columbian Drug cartel. We talk about his personal testimony. How he grew up in a ruthless columbian drug cartel, played professional soccer overseas and overcame a life-threatening drug addiction. 

This episode is for anyone who is struggling with addiction or is an aspiring entrepreneur looking...